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ACL Manager   Andreas Gohr
    Manage Page Access Control Lists
Blockquote Plugin   Anika Henke (previous author: Gina Haeussge)
    Write quotations in a semantically correct way
Bureaucracy Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Create forms and generate pages or emails from them
CAPTCHA Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Use a CAPTCHA challenge to protect DokuWiki against automated spam
Changes Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    List the most recent changes of the wiki
Cloud Plugin   Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge
    Displays the most used words in a word cloud.
Configuration Manager   Christopher Smith
    Manage Dokuwiki's Configuration Settings
Credits Plugin   Myron Turner
    Configurable Display of Plugin Credits
Dir Plugin   Jacobus Geluk
    Shows pages in one or namespaces in a table or list
discussion plugin   Michael Hamann, Gerrit Uitslag, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner, Matthias Schulte
    Provides discussion funtionality for wiki pages
DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Automatically upgrade your DokuWiki install to the most recent stable release
Dw2Pdf plugin   Andreas Gohr and Luigi Micco
    DokuWiki to PDF converter
Extension Manager   Michael Hamann
    Allows managing and installing plugins and templates
Gallery Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Creates a gallery of images from a namespace or RSS/ATOM feed
hidepages plugin   Matthias Schulte
    Hide pages from search results and/or sitemap
Info Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Displays information about various DokuWiki internals
Move plugin   Michael Hamann, Gary Owen, Arno Puschmann, Christoph Jähnigen
    Move and rename pages and media files whilst maintaining the links.
Note Plugin   Olivier Cortès, Eric Hameleers, Christopher Smith, Aurélien Bompard, LarsDW223
    Add Note/Important/Tip/Warning Capability (DIV+CSS box)
nspages plugin   Guillaume Turri
    Presents a toc of the selected namespace using
Pagelist Plugin   Matthias Schulte, Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge
    Lists pages in a nice formatted way
PageQuery Plugin   Symon Bent
    Search for (fulltext) and list wiki pages, sorted   ->         
Popularity Feedback Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers
Publish Plugin   Jarrod Lowe, Andreas Gohr, Dominik Eckelmann
    Integrate a publishing process into DokuWiki
Random Include Plugin   Vittorio Rigamonti, LarsDW223
    Randomly select a page from a namespace and include it in the current page
randompage2   Szymon Olewniczak
    Select dokuwiki page at random using special link
Revert Manager   Andreas Gohr
    Allows you to mass revert recent edits to remove Spam or vandalism
safefnrecode plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Changes existing page and foldernames for the chan   ->         
sqlite plugin   Andreas Gohr
    A helper plugin to easily access a SQLite database
styling plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Allows to edit style.ini replacements
top plugin   Andreas Gohr
    show the top ten most visited pages
User Manager   Chris Smith
    Manage DokuWiki user accounts
Video Sharing Site Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sit   ->         
WikipediaSnippet Plugin   Anika Henke
    Includes a snippet from a Wikipedia article.
Wrap Plugin   Anika Henke
    Universal plugin which combines functionalities of   ->         

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